Gabarito dos exercícios de inglês

Gabarito dos exercícios de inglêsGabarito das atividades:

Passar as frases em presente para o negativo

1) I don't work at the office.

2) My mom doesn't study English.

3) I don't speak four languages.

4) My dog isn't big.

5) Your brother doesn't like pizza.

6) I am not a good student.

7) I don't play football every weekend.

8) She isn't twenty years old.

9) They don't live in Italy.

10) We don't like to study a lot.

Passar as frases em passado para o negativo.

1) They didn't work in a factory.

2) I didn't play basketball last week.

3) I didn't have a dog when I was 10 years old.

4) My favorite food wasn't pizza.

5) I didn't study German for five years.

6) She didn't play with you system.

7) We weren't neighbors.

8) The dog didn't like to play.

9) My dad didn't work as a teacher.

10) You didn't have an old car.

Passar as frases em futuro para negativo

1) I am not going to play soccer tomorrow.

2) I won't go with you to the party.

3) He won't study Russian next year.

4) They aren't going to buy a car.

5) My brother won't travel to Spain.

6) I won't be home at ten.

7) Your father isn't going to help us.

8) They aren't going to the movies on Saturday.

9) It won't rain tomorrow.

10) We won't go together.

Passar as frases em presente para interrogativo

1) Is the dog playing with me?

2) Is my house big?

3) Do you play videogames every day?

4) Do they like to study Portuguese?

5) Does you cousin cook very well?

6) Does Daniel have many friends?

7) Are we are excellent students?

8) Don't you like to play soccer?

9) Does my father speak four languages?

10) Can you go to the party?

Passar as frases em pasado para interrogativo

1) Was I sleeping at home?

2) Did you have many books?

3) Did they like to eat pizza?

4) Did we study French for five years?

5) Was he the best student?

6) Did my neighbor talked very much?

7) Was the dog afraid?

8) Did she work in a shop?

9) Did they play soccer on weekends?

10) Was your sister a good student?

Passar as frases en futuro para interrogativo

1) Will I buy a new house?

2) Will my team be the champion?

3) Is he going to the beach tomorrow?

4) Will my sister come to the party?

5) Will we wait for you here?

6) Will the teacher help me?

7) Am I going to the mall tomorrow?

8) Will she call us?

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